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Value for money

Play M8 Gaming design and produce our own products. We deliver state-of-the-art design and quality, and we equip the gaming desks with advanced features. We sell directly from our warehouse to customer -meaning that you save the reseller margin in price. That is: VALUE FOR MONEY…


We have re-designed and improved the most important components to create a stable and high-quality Gaming Desk. Example: The revised Steel Frame and Steel Legs are improved to a new load-limit – meaning that the weigh capacity today is 125 kg.  The Play M8 gaming tabletops are produced in EU. To secure high quality – and due to our sustainability policy, they are made of FSC certified wood.  


Play M8 Gaming are also very different in design. We are inspired by the Nordic Design Trends, and we are obsessed in bringing the best-designed – and good-looking gaming desk on the market. Check out our new range of Stealth Editions Gaming Desks. The exceptional rectangular shape is emphasized with an elegant Aluminium edge around the tabletops. This looks really cool.

Modular & Upgradeable:

All our Gaming Desks are constructed and designed with standardized units with flexibility for dimensions and shape. Meaning that you with this system of gaming desk modules independently can create your own setup to improve the functionality and satisfaction for the perfect gaming setup.


Due to the modular design, our Gaming Desks are upgradeable. Check our Extension Kits which can transform your gaming desk to a L shaped Gaming Desk within a few minutes.

Add Ons:

Play M8 are also offering a nice range of add-ons, for the Play M8 Gaming Desks. The Add Ons can make your Perfect Gaming Setup – even better, and the installation is super easy. As an example, you can add our new Gaming Shelf to our L shaped Gaming Desks. This gives you additional space for your extra adapters, cables and chargers in a super smart and convenient way.


Cable Management

The Play M8 Gaming desk have a great Cable Management Setup. We are offering a 60 CM Cable Tray in steel for Tournament v2, Elite v2 and Elite XL. Further we have added cable holes in tabletops and mouse pads – where you can lead all cables directly to cable tray.  Again: Check our Add On Section. Here we have a new lineup of Professional Cable Trays in 1.1 and 1.3 meter which really can help you in organize your cables in a great way.


Service & Support:

Play M8 Support: We listen to our customers – which makes us even better. We want to deliver state-of-the-art customer service. When you order your products in our Web-shop – you always get a personal email from the Play M8 Staff. If you have questions – you just email us or call us. We reply normally within 2-5 hours. Also, in weekends. We are VERY interested to hear your opinion about us and our products – please feel free to reach out to us…