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We are different...

Play M8 Gaming is a new start up, established in 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark. We believe in the perfect Gaming Setup and our mission and concept is develop the right setup for all gamers. 

For Play M8 Gaming – the Perfect Gaming Setup is the heart of the Gaming Room. Play M8 Gaming have therefore challenged the established gaming furniture industry by making high quality design furniture with unique features for gamers.

Play M8 are managing the whole value chain from design to finished product inhouse. We are selling them directly to our customers, meaning that we can offer beautiful quality gaming products at fair prices.

That combined with our 5-star customer service has led to thousands of happy customers in 6 European countries – and the number is growing by the day – and we are just getting started….  

Our Concept

The core concept is to develop and design the right Gaming Furnitures for all kinds of Gaming Rooms. That means that we develop our own products from ground up. All Gaming Desks is being packed in our warehouse facility in Denmark, and we can customize the desk based on your request if needed. In other words, we want to bring modular gaming desks to the market – which can be customized for your needs.