On our lineup of gaming chairs and gaming desks

Play M8 Gaming offers all customers two years warranty on all products we distribute and sell in our brand name.

This warranty applies to all our partners in Scandinavia and Europe.

If you have a complaint against your new product, then please fulfill the warranty claim below – and send it in to us. We aim to answer your support issue within 24 hours. (On business days)

Our warranty policy – in general:
We reserve the right to fix the issues in replacing the defective parts in using new replacement products. If this does not fix your issue – we will replace your products with a new product – within the first year of warranty.

We can require extra documentation as a picture of the damage or ask for an extended description of the warranty claim.

  • We have a defective rate below 0,5% on gaming chairs. Often it’s the small plastic covers on the side of the chair, which is broke. We immediately ship new ones out to customers. 


    Play M8 Gaming
  • So far we dont have received any defective on Gaming Desks. But this is also a new category for us…


    Play M8 Gaming

Enjoy Extra Dose of Value

Get a USB RGB Kit and a Headphone Hanger when you buy a gaming desk.

play m8 gaming value pack

Enjoy Play M8 Flexible Payment Plans

Buy Now, Pay Later – Now you can pay for your gaming products on a installments basis. We remain committed to serving you the best.