Play M8 Gaming - Policies


Play M8 Gaming ship to all countries within EU. Also UK, Norway and Switzerland.

Courier Service: 

We ship all our orders with DHL Express. You can always track and trace your shipment here. 

All our DHL shipments are “door-to-door” based.

Delivery time: 

The delivery time for EU is estimated to 3 days. Denmark and Sweden: 2 days. Countries outside of EU: 3-4 days. Baltics: 4 days.

Extra Transportation Cost: 

In case of that you are located in areas with increased transportation costs (e.g islands) – the cost of transportation will increase – and the extra cost will fall on you.

We will always contact you before the shipment – to get an acceptance for the extra transportation cost.


The cost of customs + administration is included in the shipping cost for: Norway, UK and Switzerland. So there will be no needed action from your side – if you are ordering outside of EU. The delivery time for Norway, UK and Switzerland is typically 3-4 days.


When you do a purchase on our Play M8 Gaming website – our system will generate an invoice. 

The invoice will be sent to you email address within a few minutes after your purchase.


Personal contact:

When we have prepared and packed your order – you will get a new personal email from the Play M8 Sales Team – with a DHL Track & Trace info plus other relevant info.

Packaging Leadtime:

Play M8 usually have a packaging leadtime on 2 working days.

SMS Delivery Service:

DHL will send you a SMS when the package is on its way to you. Here you will also have a chance to change date of delivery when it suits you the best.