Play M8 RGB LightPack – Advanced Edition

Play M8 RGB LightPack - Advanced Edition


Want the full control of your RGB ligtning in your Gaming Room? Play M8 RGB LightPack – Advanced Edition, connects to your existing WIFI network, and with Play M8 RGB LightPack – Advanced Edition – you can design your own RGB setup in your Gaming Room.

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The Play M8 LightPacks Advanced Edition is our best LED RGB Lightning solution for your Gaming Room. Its affordable. Its high quality. Its easy to install, its tested by gamers to ensure your satisfaction and – you have the opportunity to design, personalize and create your own setup and at the same time the full controll of how your LED ligtning devices and atmosphere in the Gaming Room. 

The Play M8 LightPacks Advanced Edition – contain the following:



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The Smart WIFI hub can be mounted on your Gaming Desk, and lets you have full control of your Gaming Desk and Gaming Room. On top of the HUB, there is a dimming control button, which lets you turn on and of the lightning manually.


The LightStrip: Is not a Standard cheap RGB LightStrip. It’s a hight quality strip with CCT Chips. The CCT functionality is cool. It simply lets you have different colors lightning at the same time.


The WW functioaloty is also a “must have” it lts you have warm or hard white options. So it you want to work, you change the colors to warm or hard white lighting.


The LightPack – Advaced Edtion is app controlled. Simply connect the HUB to your existing WIFI network, and you are up and running., From the App you can set your lights to any desired color or level of brightness; anywhere and anytime. The app can individually control other SmartLife compatible lightnings / lamps. You can even pre-define with the timer function – when the lightning should turn on or turn off.

Thats what we are defining as  Smart Lightning.


The TUYA App: 


The app gives you full control of the Play M8 LightPack and other TUYA compatible devices. Its compatible with Alexa // 

smart gaming lifestyle…


Add different TUYA compatible product to the app, and set schedules for each device based on your preferred gaming lifestyle.

Setup automated functionalities and take full controll of each device individually.



The Play M8 RGB LightPack – Advanced Edition is a high quality Smart LED strip. Simply mount the LED strip on the backside of your Play M8 Gaming Desk using the 3M adhesive tape on the back of the LED strip. You also have aa possibility to add the LED Strip in aluminium profiles

advanced ConfigurTION


The Powerful TUYA app, is compatible with a range of different lamps, and other cool devices.
You have free options to combine other devices to the app – and control everything directly from the app. The TUYA app allows you to manage all the settings for the LED strip + other Play M8 lamps you might want to have. The app will show you all the RGB devices you have. Installation is easy, all you need is an available wireless network.
In the TUYA app, you can take full control of your RGB devices individually or divide them into different rooms or groups.
The TUYA app gives you a lot of opportunities to controll you RGB setup.
You can easily turn on/off, set temperature, set timer or even schedule when your lighting should be on or off.
A cool features is the possibility to create automatic scenes etc. Fully compatible with: Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa


16 Million Colors

The new soft padded 4D Arm Rests with extended surface give additional postural support for your wrists and arms – while gaming. With the 4D you have a variety in terms of individual options to adjust the arm-rest as you want it.


The new soft padded 4D Arm Rests with extended surface give additional postural support for your wrists and arms – while gaming. With the 4D you have a variety in terms of individual options to adjust the arm-rest as you want it.


All MASTER Gaming Chair from Play M8 - have built-in the new Lumbar Support function. This is the alternative solution for the perfect sitting experience instead of using the removable lumbar pillows.


The Play M8 MASTER Gaming chair have all needed tilt and recline features due to its new and improved Multi Function Lift.165 degree recline.


The Master Gaming Chair - is for esport professionals. The seat and backrest have extended size for extended comfort.


Ventilated PU Leather. Tired of sweating in the chair while gaming? Enjoy the new high quality breathable PU leather on the MASTER gaming chairs. The breathable PU improves the ventilation up to 19% compared to standard PU leather.


We have neck and backrest pillows sets available for gamers who still would like to have those.


The Cold Foam have been fine-tuned by the Play M8 product team. Result is the best cold foam in the market - which is not too soft - or too hard.


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