Giant v2


Giant v2


Edge v2 from Play M8 Gaming, is one of the most popular Gamer Tables we have designed and developed. The table has a dimension of 140×140 cm – and fits perfectly in most gaming rooms. New and improved LED Light Package that can be controlled via mobile or remote control is included. Wireless charger with indb. USB Hub built-in. Colors: Choose between Aluminum or Red.


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Gamer Bord


140 x 140 cm – corner gamer table.


USB RGB LED Light package with fj. operation.


USB 3.0 / USB-C Hub and Wireless mobile charging built-in.


Real Metal cable tray of 60 cm included

Edge v2 Gamer Bord

STEALTH EDITION: Is our premium and elegant Gaming Table, which has genuine 2 mm aluminum edges around table tops.

DID YOU KNOW : That at Check Out you can choose which page you want the corner to be located.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR GAMING SETUP: When purchasing an Edge v2 – you have the option to change light packages and cable management solutions – to match your needs and desires.


140 x 140 cm

The popular Play M8 Edge v2 – Stealth Edition – is the perfect Corner Gaming Table for Gamers who want the perfect gaming setup.

The Edge v2 table is developed and designed for gamers and esports professionals who need extra space and who want to take advantage of the smart L-shaped design.

Play M8 Edge v2 has a main table that is 140 x 65 cm. The corner table has a size of 75 x 40 cm. In other words, you have a table that is 140 x 140 cm. (Check the specifications)

Smart cable management with Edge v2 is included. High quality mouse pad – and which has a thickness of 4 mm – included. In addition, the Edge v2 comes with real LED RGB LightPack v2, which allows you to control and set up the light the way you want it.

Wireless mobile charging and USB hub are also included.

Read more about the elegant Gamer Table with the smart features below:


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Did you know: All Corner Gamer Tables from Play M8 Gaming have built-in Wireless Mobile Charging (15W FastCharge) and USB 3.0 and USB-C Hub So you can easily charge your devices while you gamer - cable free.

Play M8 Product Team
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Gaming Tabletop. Play M8 Gaming

Beautiful tabletop design with a 2 mm aluminum edge around the tabletops. The table tops are also produced in the EU and are FSC Certified. High quality mouse pad with a thickness of 4mm is included with all Gamer Tables from Play M8 Gaming.

Play M8 Product Team

Unique and elegant design, good comfort, smart features - is what characterizes a Gamer Table from Play M8 Gaming

Play M8 Product Team
Gaming Bord


USB RGB Gaming LightPack v2 – is the perfect light package for Play M8 Edge v2. 

Connect the controller to an available USB port. Connect the Light Package with the SHINE app – using Bluetooth. 

Mount the RGB LightStrip on the back of the Edge v2 and you have a nice RGB light behind your Gamer PC and Monitor.

You can control the lighting from the included remote control or your mobile phone.

USB LightPack is also compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home.

RGB Light Pack

USB RGB LightPack v2

Full RGB light package with good remote control. Can also be controlled via Shine App (Bluetooth)

Perfect for creating the beautiful RGB atmosphere in the gaming room.
APP / Remote


Adjust the brightness of your RGB lighting according to how dark or bright it is in the gaming room.


With a built-in microphone, LightPack can sync to any type of music, and the light pulsates to the beat of your favorite music.


Control and customize your own RGB scenes for your Gaming Room or Gaming Table Setup.

Are you dreaming of a more professional RGB LED light for your Edge v2 Gaming Table?


Play M8 RGB LED Light Bar is developed and designed for gamer tables. The triangular steel frame design ensures that the light is sent up by the wall behind your Gaming PC and monitor and gives you the best RGB light on the market.

Read more about the LED RGB solutions we offer at discount prices.


To further enhance your gaming experience with the Play M8 Giant Gaming Desk – we have built a wireless charger into the tabletops.

Play M8 Wireless Charger (15W) is a high-speed charger – which can charge your mobile wirelessly – while you play. In addition, the charger has a built-in USB-C and USB connection .

A cool feature for your perfect Gaming Setup.

Play M8 Ladestation - til Gamer Bord
Edge v2 Gaming Bord


Are you also tired of cable clutter around your gamer board? Cable management ensure that you can and organized your many cables and adapters in a good way. But there are many opportunities in this area.

With a Play M8 Edge v2 you get a really good cable management solution. A real metal cable tray is included which you can mount on the back of the Edge v2.

The metal tray is 60 cm long and you can easily guide the cables from the two cable holes in the mouse pad (and the table top) directly down to the cable tray.

Are you considering a full-line cable metal cable tray? Or are you missing some neoprene sleeves and strips to tie the cables together?

Or a cable holder that can be mounted on the table itself?

Play M8 Gaming allows you to optimize your setup – so your cable management lives up to your expectations.

Read what extra options you have for optimizing your setup – at discount prices:

Gaming Bord


The big advantage of a Play M8 Edge v2 – is the smart L-shaped design which gives gamers the best gaming experience and comfort.

Imagine the benefits of sitting at the gaming table with your Gamer PC, Gaming Monitor, mouse and keyboard. On your right side (or left) you have an extra tabletop for your streaming setup, console or other important devices.

The L-shaped corner table design, increases the surface area that a gamer can reach from a sitting position.

Gaming Desk Center Zone

The illustration shows the “Center Zone” which is the area the gamer can reach from a sitting position.

The L-shaped corner table design provides more desk space for the player – and most importantly – a “clean desk” for mice, keyboards and gaming monitors. “

Read more about why Play M8 Gaming products provide the right comfort and sitting position for gamers:


Now you have the opportunity to put your own stamp on Play M8 Edge v2. 

 Choose which light package and which side you want the “L” corner to be located when you receive your Edge v2 Gamer Table seat 

In addition, we offer delicious accessories. Of course at discounted prices when buying a Play M8 Edge v2.

Hjørne Gamer Bord


Choose from smart LightPacks that ensure you the best LED light on the market.


Choose which page you want the corner to be located.


Make your Gaming Setup perform better with our smart accessory products.


We promise to respond as soon as possible …

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