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L Shaped Gaming Desk. Get the perfect gaming setup, with the L shaped gaming desk solution. Check out all the cool features you get with this desk. DELIVERY IN WEEK 50.

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Introducing the “EDGE” – the most advanced and elegant L Shaped Gaming Desk on the market.

The EDGE – L Shaped Gaming Desk – are part of our Stealth Edition series, equipped with wireless charging and USB hub – directly built into the tabletop. Below you can see why you are getting a perfect gaming solution with the EDGE – L shaped Gaming Desk.

L shaped stealth desk

The "L" Advantage

The most obvious advantage of the Play M8 EDGE L Shaped Gaming Desk is its space-saving design – combined with the elegant tabletop with an aluminium frame around the desk.

The perpendicular sides, actually takes up the same area as a comparable gaming desk.

Experience the advantage, when you sit in front of your desk with your gaming PC, Gaming Monitor, mouse and keyboard. On you right side, you have an additional tabletop on your right side – for your streaming setup, storage, consoles and other important devices.

The L shaped gaming desk design also makes multitasking easier and improves your gaming performance further.

In addition to saving floor space and increasing gaming area, an L-shaped computer desk also offers much more desk space compared to our regular rectangular gaming desks. And this is without taking up more gaming room space.

Aluminium Tabletop - with Desk Mouse Mat

The 18 mm gaming tabletop are extremely elegant with an aluminium edge around the tabletop. The tabletop are made of FSC Certified wood.

The High Quality Full Size Desk Mat are 4mm thick, and has an improved textured cloth surface – optimized for speed gaming sessions. 

The Desk Mouse Mat Size: 140 x 65 cm

alu tabletop mat


Light up your gaming room with our advanced RGB USB LightPacks

USB RGB LightPack - Gaming Desk RGB - Play M8

RGB USB LightPack

To complete your new and perfect gaming setup in your gaming room, we have added a USB RGB LightPack.
The LightPack have:
The LightPack is included with the EDGE  L-Shaped Gaming Desk.

Wireless Charging


The built in wireless charging and USB hub makes the EDGE gaming desk to the most advanced gaming desk on the market.

USB Hub Charging Station - Built In

To design the best L Shaped Gaming Desk on the market, our designers have implemented a charging station with built-in USB-C and HUS hub.

The Rubber Edge around the charging station ensures that you mobile is safe while charging. 

Wireless charge output: 10W

Certification: CE / FCC / RoHS

Gaming Desk - USB Hub - Play M8 Gaming

Wireless Mobile Charge

Our aim is to design the best L Shaped Gaming Desk on the market, with the right features for gamers. Therefore our designers have implemented a wireless charging station.

The built-in charging station gives you quick access to charge  facilities and helps you to have less cables and adapters on the desk.

Charging Station Features: The Charging Station have an Intelligent IC technology which automatically detects when you place your mobile-phone on the charging station.

Wireless Charge Output: 10W



Play M8 Design
Cable Management
Upgrade Ready
Strong Steel Legs
RGB Lightpacks
Wireless Charging
3 years warranty


120 cm
Desk Length
100 cm
Desk Width
70 cm
Desk Height

Precision At It's Best

L shaped gaming desk illustration Stealth Edition

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Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 140 × 65 × 73.50 cm


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