Gaming PC Stand


Stand – for Gaming PC are a supplement to your current gaming desk setup. Simply place your heavy Gaming PC on the stand – and release a lot of desk space to your other gaming pc equipment.

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Remove your PC away from your gaming desk - and release a lot of desk space for your gamie sessions.

It has been a long tradition for gamers to have the big and heavy Gaming PC placed next to the gaming monitor – on your gaming desk. 

But time is changing, and the need for space for your gaming session is increasing. Therefore Play M8 are launching a new smart stand which still make you cool RGB Gaming PC shine – next to your gaming desk.


Stand - for Gaming Desks - Play M8


AIR Ventilated design.

The PC Gaming Stand have same design and color as the existing Play M8 Gaming Desks.  

The steel frame have small holes – to help the Gaming PC AIR ventilation. 

Below the stand you have possibility to “hide” your cables – and make your gaming setup even cooler.

Stand up - stand for Gaming PCs - Play M8

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 54 × 24 × 18 cm


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