Play M8 Elite XL v2 – White Edition

Play M8 Elite XL v2 - White Edition


Elite XL v2 Gamer Table – from Play M8 are developed by gamers and offers high functionality, stability and quality. The gamer table is equipped with USB RGB LightPack, excellent integrated cable management and a full-size 5XL mouse pad. Check out all the cool features in the Elite XL v2 Gaming Desk below.

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Gaming Desk - Elite XL v2

The Elite XL v2 – Gaming Desk offers unbeatable quality and elegant design in combination. Play M8 Elite XL v2 –  offers high functionality of a gamer desk. The rectangular design and great the great built-in cable management features ensures the optimal terms for the gamer.  

The desk is designed by gamers and have extended stability compared to standard desks in the market. The gamer desk is also equipped with USB RGB LightPack and a full-size 5XL mouse pad. Check out all the cool features in the Elite XL v2 Gaming Desk below.

Play M8 Gaming Desk

  • Rectangular Design
  • White Edge
  • Cable Management
  • USB RGB LightPack (LED)
  • XXL Mouse Pad – Full Size
  • Dual Headset Hanger
Gaming Bord

The Gaming PC Stand is optional. 



Create a cool RGB Atmosphere day one with your new Play M8 Gaming Desks. USB RGB Light Pack – with remove included.


Have always your best headset available.


Full-size 5 XL Mouse Pad. Textured cloth surface, optimized for markets best Gaming Mouse. The pad-foam inside the mouse mat are protected by a strong edge in dark grey color. Rubber beneath the mat.


Tabletops and Mouse Pad have pre-drilled cable holes. New improved 60 cm long Cable Tray in steel – to organize your cables is included with Elite XL v2.

115 kg

The steel frame have been improved. The max load weight capacity is now increased to 115 kg.



The Gaming Desk and Gaming Chair is the heart of your Gamig Setup. But to create a cool Gaming Setup – the Gaming Desk needs to have a great RGB Lightning System.

All Gaming Desk from Play M8 have as a standard the popular USB RGB LightPack included.

If you want a improved RGB setup, you can upgrade the existing LightPack to a WIFI controlled RGB hub – with CCT LightStrips. You can read more about our offering on our RGB page. 

RGB Light Pack
USB RGB LED LightPack.

The USB RGB LightPack contains of a RGB LED light strip which you easily can mount on the back of the table tops. The lightning effect will be a nice uplight of the wall behind your gaming monitor and gaming PC. You can control the light with the included remote.

The LightPack have:

  • 2 Meter USB RGB LightStrip
  • 22 Dynamic Modes
  • 20 Static Colors
  • Brightness Control
  • IR Remote included

Cable Management Organize your cables

Are you also very tired of “Cable Spaghetti” all over – and behind your gaming desk?

We have a great solution for that challenge: The Play M8 Edge have a cable tray of metal included – on 60 cm. This gives your great space to hide away your cables and adapters.

Simply guide the cables from the monitor and Gaming PC through the predrilled cableholes in both tabletops and mouse pads – directly to the cable tray.

We also recommend you to consider our Cable Organizer Value Pack – from Play M8 Gaming are the perfect suit of organizer strips, organizer sleeves and organizer bars.

Silicone Cable Bar: Solves your cable problems, mouse cable from falling behind the desk. Neoprene Sleeves with zippers made of highly durable & flexible neoprene material. Perfect for easily bundling multiple cables. Cable Velcro Straps: Another way in saying goodbye to messy cables. Simple tie the cables together with the straps.

Designed for high performance Gaming Play M8 Elite XL v2

Play M8 Gaming Desks are engineered and designed to experience the advantage when you sit in front of your desk with your gaming PC, Gaming Monitor, mouse and keyboard

Rectangular Design: The desk length is 158 cm combined with the rectangular design –  gives you the optimal desk space for your gaming PC, Gaming mouse, keyboard and monitors.

Upgradeable Design: Due to its rectangular design, Play M8 Gaming have developed a “Extension Kit” – which easily can be connected to the Elite XL v2 Gaming Desk. This gives  you the  opportunity to upgrade the desk to a L Shaped Gaming Desk.  

Elegant Design: The Play M8 Elite XL v2 – Gaming Desk, have an extremely elegant 2 mm thickAluminium Edge around the EU produced and FSC Certified Tabletops. 

Materials: We have picked the best materials and most sustainable components from different sources to invent and create the best gaming desk in the market. The Steel Frames have been re-armed with extra steel to increase load capacity up to 125 kg. Our sustainable MDF gaming-tabletops are FSC certified and produced in Europe. The protective Edges around tabletops are made of real 2 mm Aluminum – which also gives a cool and elegant gaming appearance in your gaming room.

Stability and Quality:  The above improvements to the Elite XL v2 – gives what gamers are looking for: A high quality and stabile Gaming Desk.


Gaming Tabletop. Play M8 Gaming
Gaming Desk. Play M8 Elite XL v2
LED Gaming Bord


Elite XL drawing

Check out our big line up of Gaming Desk from 120-158 cm – armed with cool features and elegant design

delivery IN EU

We deliver to all countries in EU + UK, Switzerland and Norway


We offer 3 years of warranty om Gaming Desks.


Call us: +45 50 51 06 03 and we answer emails 24/7


14 days return right. Read more about this in our terms and conditions page.

Additional information

Weight37 kg
Dimensions158 × 65 × 74.8 cm


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