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The Play M8 Elite Gaming Chair is an elegant black gaming chair designed with high premium materials such as Alcantara, PU and breathable PU combined with red or green sewing’s.

The chair has some additional and cool features such as the mechanical lumbar support which enables the gamer to manually to adjust the hardness of the backrest on the chair – to improved comfort and ergonomic preferences.


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Introducing the next generation of gaming chairs

Play M8 Elite Gaming Chair is the new premium chair with the newest features and design trends.

Built-in mechanical lumbar adjuster

Now you can adjust the hardness of the backrest. Cool features which improve the ergonomics on the chair.

A “must have” for hardcore gamers…

High Quality Cold Molded Foam

The could foam inside the chair is one of the most important materials in a gaming chair. The foam defines the comfort and ergonomics in the chair. 

The Elite chair have one of the markets best foams – which have a density of 57 m3/kg

This ensures a comfortable chair for gamers who plays in endless hours.  

Further it secures a great chair – years ahead. 

Elegant Design

The Elite gaming chair have an elegant design. 

The chair have high quality black PU combined with breathable PU on the seat and backrest.

The breathable PU gives much better ventilation than standard PU – and at the same time it strengthen the design of the chair.

To complete the design, you  have black Alcantara around the chair – and visible green sewings.

24/7 Gaming Approved

If you are a hardcore gamer, and plays 24/7 – then this Elite chair is the right choice for you!

The chair have extremely high comfort, strong steel support in backrest and seat – and a high class cold foam.

Together with the gaslift 4 and the multi-function lift – this completes the chair and gives the approval: 24/7 Gaming Approved

Other Features

At last most not at least, the cool built-in RGB ligning at the table top and the table legs completes the unique and cool features of the Gaming M8 Elite Table.

Tilt And Recline

The Play M8 Elite Gaming chair have a You have a strong steel base attached plus good looking casters to the Play M8 Elite Gaming  Chair. 

Working hard and need a rest? Recline the backrest up to 165°. Find the right angle for you that compliments your body and posture.


The all-new exclusive Elite Gaming Table from Gaming M8  are designed and developed to deliver the best comfortable gaming experience.

65 cm
Desk Depth
45 cm
Desk Width
80 cm
Desk Height

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