Gaming Floor Mats

Gaming Floor Mats

Gaming Floor Mats from Play M8 Gaming are the perfect gaming chair mat for gamers. The red floor mat are special designed for gamers – and the mat is made of polyester material. This secure much better stability when using it for gaming. Play with COMFORT and STYLE.

The new mats from PLAY M8 GAMING looks stunning, and will shines up every gaming room. The mats have a luxury feel and looks. Further it has a very reliable protection of your floor.

The floor mats protect your floor, and makes the gaming chair even more stabile, while standing on a carpet.

Material: 100% polyester,


Gaming Floor Mats - Gaming Setup - Gaming Chair - Play M8

Stylish Premium Floor Mats Which Add Comfort To Your Game.

The new Play M8 Floor Mats have a cloth weaving surface, with real rubber beneath the floor mat to secure 100% Anti-Slip.

This secure that the floor mat looks great after many months of use, and that the carpet simply avoid the chair to do the small moves – while gaming. The material is a real carpet – and have 8 mm thickness.

Material: Cloth weaving surface. 100% polyester mat. Multiple layered construction. Bottom is rubbered. Finished with a black matching color edge. These innovative, carpet surfaces on the carpet eliminate dirt and moisture and makes it very easy to clean again.

Why Our Floor Mats Are Unique

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Enjoy Extra Dose of Value

Get a USB RGB Kit and a Headphone Hanger when you buy a gaming desk.

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