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Gaming Floor Mats Protect your Floor

Play M8 Gaming Floor Mats, offer the highest comfort and quality for the gamer who wants to sit in front of the Gaming PC and having the highest stability and silence in his gaming chair – without a chair that makes small movements – while playing.


Game with comfort and don’t lose control of your game. The new Floor Mats are designed for gamers who want to sit still – while gaming, and who want to protect his floor from scratching’s and spilling’s.


The Play M8 Floor Mats are made of 100% polyester, which is easy to clean and washable up to 30 °C hot water. The Floor Mats have the thickest size in the market on 8 mm, to secure comfort and to ensure the luxury feeling and look in your gaming room.


If you want to play with comfort, with hard core focus on your game, with silence and stability – then Play M8 Floor Mats are the perfect solution for you.


The Play M8 Gaming Floor Mats are also the perfect upgrade if you want to create and personalize the perfect gaming atmosphere in your gaming room. The mats look stunning and will for sure make you feel comfortable, cool, and ready for many new and long gaming sessions ahead.


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100 % Polyester

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