Get prepared. 

Play M8 are proud to launch our next versions of our MASTER Gaming Chairs.

The MASTER series are the new State-of-the-art Gaming Chairs in 2021 – with improved design and specification features. 

The new thick and improved Cold Foams have the perfect density on: 57kg/m3 – which makes the chair perfect to sit in – for hours, whith out feeling that the seat and backrest – is too hard or too soft.

The backrest and seat are wider for ergonomic feeling.

The PU are improved with multiple layers. Further the layers are breathable – which gives you the needed ventilation when you are in the middle of your heated gaming sessions. 




Master Gaming Chair - Play M8 Gaming - Premium Home Chair

Designed and Crafted by Gamers

Unique Design Unique specifications

The new Play M8 MASTER Gaming Chairs are armed with new standards within comfort, quality and design. 

Gaming Chair - Master Chair - Play M8 Gaming

Easy to Customize

All our MASTER Gaming Chair have built-in lumbar support function.

This is the alternative solution for the perfect sitting experience instead of using the removable lumbar pillows.

Simply turn the knob on the backrest to adjust how much support you need to your back – to ensure optimal comfort while gaming. 

All MASTER chairs from Play M8 Gaming have built-in lumbar support.

King of Gaming Chairs - Gaming Chairs from Play M8 Gaming

Fully Responsive

Play M8 Gaming presents brand new line up of high quality Gaming Chairs such as the Master Series, Elite Series, Stealth Edition, Fabric Edition.

All our newly developed Chairs deliver high quality and performance for money.

The master series gaming chair is a beautiful and is ahead of its time – when it come to: design, specification and pricing.

We have really succeeded in adding exclusive style to the new and improved gaming chair design. Further, the Master Gaming chair are developed and designed after the new standards within the 2020 design trends for gaming chairs.

Check also our new Master series of gaming desks - with builtin wireless mobile charging, USB-C Hub and RGB lightning.

MASTER - Play M8 Gaming Chairs

Fully Responsive

You deserve the best gaming chair. And one of the most important components in gaming chairs are the Cold Foam and the Steel frame – inside the chair.

There is a variety in qualities in this area:

Cold Foams: The MASTER gaming chairs are using the new SoftFoam50+ Cold Foam. That is a strong and thick foam with a density of 50kg/m3. This gives a really good comfort and sit experience. The seat density is not hard or soft. Its in between – and it is by the far the most popular foam – among gamers. If you like a hard and stiff version. Then look after the HardFoam60+ which have density of 60kg/m3.

Steelframe: The designers of the gaming chair have implemented a strong steelframe in the MASTER series. The thickness is 1.5mm and the steelframe is made of cold rolled steel.

This allows a maximum weight up to 165kg.



4D Arm rests: Equipped with the new “non wobbling” 4D customizable armrest allows for a wide variety in terms of width and height adjustments to better support your wrists and arms. It even allow better side leaning – if needed. The armrest has a soft padded with surface.

Aluminimum Base: The new 5 star, edgy and good looking aluminum base completes the beatyful gaming chair design. The large casters are PU coated.

Tired of sweating in the chair while gaming? Enjoy the new high quality breathable PU leather on the MASTER gaming chairs. The breathable PU improves the ventilation up to 27% compared to standard PU leather.

This results in a much in less sweat and much more “feel good” and comfortable sitting experience during many hours of gaming.

A “must have” feature for hardcore 24/7 gamers!

Recline, Tilt & Rocking Function

The Play M8 MASTER Gaming chair have all needed tilt and recline features due to its new and improved Multi Function Lift.

180° degree recline: You need a rest? No problem, you can recline the MASTER gaming chair up to 180° degrees.

Rocking chair: If you are an agile gamer, with a lot of movements in the chair. Then you will like the rocking feature. If not you – can lock the chair in the needed position you like – for gaming. Or if you prefer a “lay back” position to see a movie.

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Enjoy Extra Dose of Value

Get a USB RGB Kit and a Headphone Hanger when you buy a gaming desk.

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