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Elite XL v2 Gamer Desk – from Play M8 are developed by gamers and offers high functionality, stability and quality. The Gaming Desk is equipped with USB RGB LightPack v2, excellent integrated cable management and a full-size 5XL mouse pad. Check out all the cool features in the Elite XL v2 Gaming Desk below.



Gaming Desk


All Play M8 Gaming Desk have a dual Headset Hanger, then you will always have your headsets on your right hand. You can on your own decide which side you want to have the Headset Hanger to be placed on your Play M8 Gamer Desk.


To improve the Gaming Performance, we have included a comfortable full-size Mouse Pad in all Play M8 Gaming Desks. The surface is fast and Responsive with predrilled cable holes for your cable management. The full-size Mouse Pad is easily to clean when needed. The Mouse Pad have a thickness of 4 mm.


Play M8 Gaming are offering High Quality Gaming Desk - which has been tested and evaluated by gamers before we introduce our desks to the market. All steelframes allows a load capacity up to 115 kg. The frame aloe has a total weight of 20 kg to ensure 100% stability. The Tabletops are also of high quality. The tabletops are produced in EU, and the laminated is water resistant. The Edge around the desk - protects the tabletops.

Play M8 Gaming Desk

The Gaming PC Stand is optional.

Gamer Desk

Play M8 Gaming Table are engineered and designed to experience the advantage when you sit in front of your desk with your gaming PC, Gaming Monitor, mouse and keyboard

Rectangular Design: The desk length is 158 cm combined with the rectangular design –  gives you the optimal desk space for your gaming PC, Gaming mouse, keyboard and monitors.

Upgradeable Design: Due to its rectangular design, Play M8 Gaming have developed a “Extension Kit” – which easily can be connected to the Elite XL v2 Gaming Desk. This gives  you the  opportunity to upgrade the desk to a L Shaped Gaming Desk.  

Elegant Design: The Play M8 Elite XL v2 – Gaming Desk, have an extremely elegant 2 mm thickAluminium Edgearound the EU produced and FSC Certified Tabletops. 

Materials: We have picked the best materials and most sustainable components from different sources to invent and create the best gaming desk in the market. The Steel Frames have been re-armed with extra steel to increase load capacity up to 125 kg. Our sustainable MDF gaming-tabletops are FSC certified and produced in Europe. The protective Edges around tabletops are made of real 2 mm Aluminum – which also gives a cool and elegant gaming appearance in your gaming room.

Stability and Quality:  The above improvements to the Elite XL v2 – gives what gamers are looking for: A high quality and stabile Gaming Desk.


Play M8 have designed the best Cable Management solution for the Play M8 GIANT. On the underside of the GIANT Gaming Desk, you have a 60 cm Steel Cable Tray to organize your cables and adapters.


Are you also tired of cable spaghetti around your desk? We have the best solution for your Cable Mannagement. All Play M8 Gaming Desk have an 60 cm integrated Cable Tray in steel to organize your cables in the best way. If your want more cable Management - then you can order one extra Cable Tray - or you can check out our cool Cable Organizer Packs.

The USB LightPack v2 – is the perfect light kit for Play M8 Gaming Desks. Connnect the Controller to a USB port. Sync the LightPack to the Mobile App – using Bluetooth. Install the RGB LightStrip, on your Gaming desk – and you are set to adjust your RGB Atmosphere in the gaming room – with your preferred RGB color or scene.

You can also control the lighting from the included remote.


The USB LightPack v2 is compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home.

RGB Gaming Desk
RGB Gaming


Compatible with Amazon Echo or Google Home. Control the lightning with you voice.


Download the SHINE LIGHT app - and start adjust the wanted colors or create your color scenes.


Simply attach the USB controller to your Gaming PC or Charger - and you are up and running.


New and improved remote control lets you adjust the brightness and colors with ease.

Elite XL drawing

Boost your Gaming Desk setup. Play M8 Gaming offers “must have” Value Packs and other cool Gaming Desk Accessories to elevate your gaming experience.

Check out the great Value Packs and Addons for your Perfect Gaming Setup.

Gaming PC Stand - Gaming Furniture - Play M8 Gaming
Cable Value Pack - Play M8

The Elite XL v2 – Gaming Desk offers unbeatable quality and elegant design in combination. Play M8 Elite XL v2 –  offers high functionality of a gamer desk. The rectangular design and great the great built-in cable management features ensures the optimal terms for the gamer.  

The desk is designed by gamers and have extended stability compared to standard desks in the market. The gamer desk is also equipped with USB RGB LightPack and a full-size 5XL mouse pad. Check out all the cool features in the Elite XL v2 Gaming Desk below.

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Weight36 kg
Dimensions158 × 65 × 74.5 cm


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