Cable Organizer v2 - Value Pack



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Cable Organizer overview

Get Organized - Get more Satisfied - with your Perfect Gaming Setup.


Cable Organizer Value Pack – from Play M8 Gaming are the perfect suit of organizer strips, organizer sleeves and organizer bars.

Magnetic Cable Holder: Smart Magnetic Cable Holder, which solves your cable problems. The Cable Holder prevents your small charge-, earphone,- aux- or even mouse cable from falling behind the desk. A must have solution for the gamer who want the perfect setup.

The Play M8 Cable Holder – cable drop solution fits all Play M8 Gaming Desks and is a must have solution for the gamer who want the perfect setup.

The Neoprene Sleeves are with zippers made of highly durable & flexible neoprene material. The sleeves are capable of easily bundling multiple cables. You can even combine two sleeves in width to fit extra cables. You can also DIY cut thee sleeves  or cut DIY for cable exit at any convenient spot.

Cable Straps: Another way in saying goodbye to messy cables. Simple tie the cables together with the straps. You straps have Velcro – and you can DIY cut the length you need.

Cable Organizer Pack v2


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